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I'm 14 and I Don't Have My Period Yet. Is This Normal?

A girl's period, also known as menstruation, begins after she has reached puberty. Puberty usually starts between age 8 and 13 in girls, but it's also normal for some girls to start earlier or later than that. On average, a girl's first period usually comes 2 to 2 1/2 years after the first sign of puberty (breast development is usually the first sign of puberty, but sometimes pubic hair comes first). However, some normal girls will get their first periods less than a year or more than 3 years after the first sign of puberty.

Another clue you can use to figure out when you might get your period is to check your underwear for vaginal discharge. This clear or whitish, mucus-like discharge usually appears about 6 months before the first period does.

If you're concerned about not having your period, ask your mom how old she was when she got her first period. Girls who get their first period later than average often find that their moms or other female relatives may have gone through puberty later than average also.

What sets menstruation apart from other characteristics of puberty like breast development is that no one can tell when it happens to you. So no one will know you haven't started your period unless you choose to share that information. Some girls may not get their periods until they're in high school, and that's perfectly fine.

Just because you're 14 and you haven't gotten your period yet doesn't necessarily mean that anything's wrong with you. Some girls, though, may not be getting their first periods because of other reasons: Girls who are underweight or who have eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa may notice a delay in the beginning of their periods. Girls who are very athletic may not get their periods until they stop exercising or competing so vigorously. Severe stress or certain illnesses can also delay menstruation.

It's also possible for a girl to get pregnant before she gets her first period. Being pregnant means that a girl wouldn't get her period until she's no longer pregnant.

If you have concerns about when you'll start your period or think that a medical problem may be keeping you from menstruating, you should talk to your doctor.

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