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What's Hot for Lingerie in Summer 06/07

Megan Robinson asked Lovable lingerie designer Jonathon Yeoman about the upcoming trends for summer 06/07 in lingerie...

How closely does Lovable -and all lingerie really- follow women's fashion?

JY- We definitely look at what the colour trends are from women’s wear each season. Fabrication and design details are also important, especially any details that lend themselves to lingerie styling such as lace inserts, bows etc.

What current trends on the catwalk have translated well into the world of lingerie?

JY- The Victorian and English gentry looks are a great source for lingerie concepts. Lace and traditional corsetry techniques have been an important women’s wear element for the last few seasons, again this works well for lingerie.

What hot 3 tips can you give guys wanting to buy lingerie for their girlfriends? JY- Traditionally women shy away from the obvious red lingerie, however this season red is HOT, so go for it.
- Always make sure you check out what size she wears before you go shopping.
- If you really want to impress, take a close friend of your girlfriend shopping with you, they will have a better idea of what she will love.

How has lingerie changed since you've been designing in the industry?

JY- Colour is definitely the biggest change. When I started out it was all about Nude, Black & White. Obviously the technological advances in fabrications and sewing techniques have also allowed for greater innovation in styling, fit & comfort. Sizing is also on the up, and D-DD-E cups are now being offered in styles that used to only be available in smaller cup fittings.

What's your own favourite in this year's Lovable collection?

JY- Folklore really sums up the mood of the Lovable Summer 06 collection; vintage styling in clean, crisp cotton lace.

In what ways do Australian and New Zealand women want different things in their lingerie to women in USA and Europe?

JY- Our market tends to be more conservative to the European/US market when it comes to colour. The strong colours work well in Europe & the US because of the large coloured population, who look great in strong colours. In Australia and New Zealand, softer colours tend to sell better. I would say that our market is closer to the US in terms of styling, fit etc. European sizing is smaller than ours. Generally however I have to say that as brands become global, and are available in many countries, this variance in markets will become less obvious.

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